6 Must Have Finger Food Options for Any Party

6 Must Have Finger Food Options for Any Party

6 Must Have Finger Food Options for Any Party

Finger food is a blessing to both party guests and the party hosts. Eliminate the need for extensive dishwater with these awesome finger based foods.

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Let's face it, at parties, guests love to eat finger food because it's delicious and they can continue to mingle.

As a host, do you really want to spend hours cleaning up after a sit-down meal?

To help you plan your next party, we've included 6 must have finger food ideas to try for your next event.

Ready to amaze your guests?

1. Individual 7 Layer Dip

Who doesn't love seven-layer dip? If you don't want to take the risk of people double dipping or having a mess, then why not try this classic dip in individual cups.

All you need is refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, olives, and tortilla chips.

Layer it all in an individual cup and add a tortilla chip to top it off.

2. Mini Loaded Baked Potatoes

Does it get better than loaded baked potatoes?

Since you want to serve finger food, why not try the mini version of this crowd pleaser.

You will need to get small potatoes, about 2 inches across. Slice them across and stuff with thin slices of cheese.

After you bake them, top them off with sour cream, chopped cooked bacon, and sliced green onion.

3. Mini Caprese Bites

Your vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests will enjoy this mini version of the Italian favorite.

Serving full-size versions of this salad could get quite messy as a party. You never know which guest will grab more cheese.

To prepare mini Caprese bites, you'll need wooden skewers, grape tomatoes, mini mozzarella cheese balls, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, and pepper.

4. Mini Corndogs

You can never go wrong with mini corndogs. Whether you prepare them for game day, kid's birthday party, or book club gatherings, mini corndogs will always make people happy.

And you could always try a meatless version.

You'll have to get your hands messy for this one and whip up some batter. Before you begin preparing them, make sure have your favorite hot dogs and skewers.

5. Fig & Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Want to surprise your guest with flavorful finger food? Then try fig and goat cheese bruschetta to excite their palate.

Although you might be intimidated by the fig jam, you can prepare it up to three days in advance. After you get this part ready, it will be a matter of assembling it together.

All you will need is to cut a baguette into half-inch slices and then top the fig jam with goat cheese crumbles.

Few things taste as good as this combination.

6. Melon and Prosciutto Skewers

Want something different to serve at your party? Why not try melon and prosciutto skewers with mini mozzarella balls.

This is one of the easiest recipes and requires no cooking time. You'll just have to set some time apart to cut and assemble.

Try These Finger Food Ideas

With these ideas, your party will be a sensation. You will have finger food for every taste.

The best part is you won't have to clean the mess after.

For more food ideas, or to order some of our delicious dips, visit our page.