About Us

We are Buffalo Jo!  Founded by the mother and son team of Joanne Schmidt and Brian Corcodilos.

It seems like the idea of launching our spicy chicken buffalo dip has been discussed around the family table for years!  Well hello 2018, we’ve arrived!

This dip became a family favorite when it first launched at a holiday get-together many years ago.  Everyone was always begging to take the leftovers home, while there was always a separate dish hidden in the refrigerator and set aside for Brian to take back to college!

Well when the dip arrived at Brian’s apartment… it was a frenzy!  Every roommate wanted to get their hands on it and dive into the deliciousness! This dip truly had a cult following on campus!!

So why did we decide to share this amazing dip with the rest of the world… well that’s simple! It truly is addictive and everyone who tries it.. Wants more!  

We hope you enjoy this dip as much as our family does!